Worldschooling {from home}

Worldschooling is literally learning from the world.

Globetrotting WOULD be a wonderful way to explore our world. However, if you’re like my little middle class family, traveling is limited to the next town 80 miles down the road. learning-928638_1920

However, I am fascinated by people and other cultures and I want my kids to have this appreciation too. It’s this desire that led me to explore and create a Little World Traveler club. We literally travel the world without leaving home (okay we DO physically leave, but stay within our city limits).

Let me share an easy way to “worldschool” with a library card and creativity.

Are you familiar with the children’s series Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne? I wasn’t either until a few months ago.  Our Little World Traveler club decided to use these books as a spine or launching point to travel the world (and history). These short books are readily available at your local bookstore and library. Each book takes the reader on an adventure to another country (and sometimes, period in history). The main characters, brother and sister team-  Jack and Annie, try to solve a mystery while encountering and overcoming obstacles related to the country they’re in or period of history.

How to use Magic Treehouse  books to explore a country

  • Choose a book

  • Read the book

    • We chose to read the book outside of class so each student could read at his/her own pace.
  • Discuss the book

    • Choose one date for the book to be completed
    • During this date discuss the adventure in the book
    • Ask the students for feedback on their favorite/least favorite parts
      • Extension activities-
        • Discuss the story elements (beginning, climax, resolution etc)
        • Ask students how they might change the ending (or other part) of the story
  • Choose activities (Let the story be your guide)

    • Think beyond worksheets, be creative

It’s really that simple. See this post for a detailed peak into our worldschool of China and Japan.

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