Thankful Kid Activities

Dare I say Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. After all, don’t we all have SOMEthing to be thankful for?  As we head into a week of Thanksgiving festivities  I’ve taken a moment to outline what our homeschool  has done already and will be doing throughout this holiday week. vintage-1772596_1280

As I was digging through the craft cabinet in search of an item  I stumbled on a few packages of orange craft pumpkins purchased for pennies the day after Thanksgiving last year. I’d forgotten all about them (can you relate?). We decided to make thankful pumpkins with our newly found treasures. Each child wrote one word to represent an item they were thankful for then we taped them to the wall for all to see. This year  the whole crew is thankful for our dogs. 🙂

Next on our list is a wonderful book Cranberry Thanksgivingcranberry-thanksgiving-cover. This reprint from 1971 should be a staple in Thanksgiving reading.  Grandmother and granddaughter Maggie invite two special guests to dinner.  This classic “don’t judge a book (or person) by its cover” is filled with humor and colorful illustrations and bonus recipes in the back of the book. I’ll use some follow-up lessons to this book from Five In a Row curriculum. 

As a followup to Cranberry Thanksgiving we’ll be baking cranberry bread this week. This is always a treat for my kids. I let them measure and mix all the ingredients (while keeping a close eye).  We’ll also take some time to explore, via the internet, cranberry bogs. 

Finally, the original historical Thanksgiving story is always worth remembering. This year I found a book from the library to read with my kids. Additionally we will watch a few YouTube clips as told by Plymouth Rock and historical lesson by Free School .

Do you need some Thanksgiving inspired activities and worksheets? Be sure to visit my store Explore Time to download your FREE Thanksgiving printables (see links below). 


Free Worksheets for Thanksgiving   and Free Thanksgiving Math Worksheets


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