A Random Day in Our Homeschool

So what’s it like to be a homeschooling family? Well we’re all so very different with different family dynamics. There’s no right or wrong way to arrange your homeschool.

Here’s a glimpse of my day today. Hopefully you can find the humor in the day-to-day shenanigans of a 7, 5 and 2 year old.

Today the first sound I heard outside my still-closed-eyes was a child asking for something (I can’t recall now) to which I replied something to the effect of ‘seriously, why are you asking me this right now?!’ When I did finally emerge from my slumber  I stumbled around to the kitchen remembering that my coffee was all gone. I’d have to use back-up coffee. Oh well. Better than nothing. I sit down with said coffee and immediately regret the placement of my coffee as I dive to save it from a near spill. Yes, the children are climbing on the coffee table. By 9:30, my now cold coffee and I figure we’d better get the day started if we are going to accomplish any schooling. See that’s the thing, you have to dig deep some days and find self motivation to school (Magic School Bus day anyone?).

It’s now 10 am. My eldest is working on a coloring project that is actually a project for our co-op tomorrow. It’s really taking way too long, but hey he’s into it so I give him 20 more minutes. I get my 5 year old started on her ABC book. We’ve gathered copious worksheets from workbooks and online and put them alphabetically in a 1.5″ binder. I gathpencil-918449_1920er all our other curriculum and bring it to the dining room table, aka our school. I check on my daughter, she’s using yellow marker to practice her letter “E”.  Which reminds me…I forgot to get out the pencils.

It’s now 10:30. Pencils are at the table.  I tell my eldest it’s time, for real, to switch to reading. He gladly complies. He reads a story about the night sky (perfect timing for the super moon… I mentally note that we should further explore this…). He completes his story….after pausing half a dozen times to insert additional facts that the book didn’t include (did I mention this guy is a science nut?). My 5 year old also completes her work. They both work on a follow-up picture and corresponding sentence to the story. Then, 2 year old brother, arrives on the scene (apparently he was playing quietly somewehere). He decides (read,starts yelling) he needs to be involved, so I bring out some puzzles. He’s not interested.

My stomach growls and I remember that I haven’t eaten. I dash into the kitchen and make a protein smoothie. My 2 year old is hot on my heels. He demands his share of the smoothie. I comply. Smoothie in hand, I go out to see the progress of the little artists. There is immediately too much interest in my breakfast instead of school, but I hold firm. If I share there will be nothing left. They whine, but continue working.

Around 11 we switch to math. My 5 year old is super proud of her number writing.I am too, however I note a problem. Her numbers are perfectly backward, so I remind her to look at her number chart and try rewritinpeople-316506_1280.jpgg them. A battle-of-wills ensues, complete with tears. I know the importance of practice makes perfect. I don’t back down, BUT I do change tactics. I scoop flour onto a cookie sheet and present it to her. I’m repaid with smiles. It works and she begins working on her numbers in the flour…with much success. My 2 year old is now done with his smoothie and wants his own flour.

At noon my dining room looks like a flour bomb exploded. It’s time for lunch, a good time to curtail the mess.  I tell the kids to clean up. I sneak into the kitchen to finish loading the dishwasher and make a frozen pizza. Of course before we can eat I clean off the flour tornado and clear off all the school books.

1p.m. lunch is done and our friends come to visit for a mini science lesson. We learn about volcanoes and complete a science experiment making explosions (okay, more like big fizzing bubbles, but still fun). We are finished by 2p.m. The kids take a break and play in the beautiful November weather building a fort in the front yard.

Our friends leave at 2:30 and I’m in dire need of a good cup of coffeecoffee-mugs-1727048_1920.jpg. I load up the kiddos ,sans the shoes, and we drive off to my favorite coffee place.  That is our school day in a nutshell. The rest of the afternoon was spent on switching laundry, paying bills and working on details for tomorrow’s co-op.  Insert a few tantrums MANY more messes than I took the time to describe (seriously, I’m throwing away the kinetic sand) and you get a good idea of the day. And now it’s 10pm at night and I must rest. Tomorrow we’ll do it all over again!

We cover math and english/reading most days and we rotate through science, history, geography. Right now we are ecectic in style, but I imagine that will also change as we progress and needs change.

What does a day in your homeschool look like?

{P.S. I don’t think this day accurately describes the caffeine intake of my typical day. Caffiene is a must in this home. 😉 }




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