Great Appreciation

Every week I load up my kiddos and we head over to our co-op/club. I really enjoy this club, perhaps more than my kids (slight exaggeration, maybe). Our club is all about traveling and it would be fair to say I have a bit of wanderlust. As a teenager I dreamed of being a missionary to the depths of the Amazon and caring for orphans in remote African villages. One day I will fulfill those dreams, but since life currently calls me to be a stay at home-homeschooling mama I embrace travel via a travel club. We call ourselves Little World Travelers (see how I included myself as one of the participants ūüôā ).

Thus far we’ve journeyed into Africa to meet the silverback gorillas and the Maasai tribe and most recently we’ve journeyed to China or more accurately ancient China. And that’s where I want to park this post so-to-speak.

As an adult in her 30’s I’m always learning along with my kids. I was fascinated as we journeyed with The Magic Treehouse, Day of the Dragon King into ancient China. It was this first emperor of China who began work (by ordering a million of his citizens to leave their homes) on The Great Wall of China. ¬†As I dug into what it would’ve been like to be a Great Wall laborer I couldn’t help but appreciate the sacrifice these people made for their country.

¬† ¬† ¬†People traveled for weeks to get to the northern border¬†of China where the wall was to be built. Therefore camps¬†were set up set up for the workers to live. However they ¬†were poorly constructed and didn’t keep out the cold, rain¬†or snow. Workers didn’t have blankets or beds either and ¬† ¬† many slept outside on the cold ground. Conditions were very poor as there wasn’t clean water available, toilet ¬†facilities or much food. Workers would receive something small like a bowl of rice and boiled cabbage… if they were lucky. Often they only had their own two hands as tools for ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† building the wall. Workers literally worked themselves to death as evidenced by the human remains archeologists have discovered inside the wall. ¬†

History has a great way of putting my first world “hardships” in perspective. After all, I could live in ancient China. For more on what is was like to live in ancient China check out these mini lessons and worksheets at my store¬†Explore Time¬†on Teachers Pay Teachers.



The Great Wall of China            {mini lesson}


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